Leonard Semenea

Leonard Semenea handles both personal injury cases as well as insurance related litigation and legal matters. His practice, located in the Bellevue, Washington region, has been operating since 2004, representing clients vigorously in cases ranging from injury recovery to wrongful death as well as proper insurance coverage. Mr. Semenea is a graduate (Cum Laude) of the Seattle University School of Law, and he was licensed by the Washington State Bar the same year he graduated in 2004.

Unlike many attorneys who generally learn about areas of life through their practice, Mr. Semenea has actually learned and earned his license in medical practice as well as being an attorney at law. Not only is he a licensed nurse, Mr. Semenea also has training and certification as a practicing chiropractic physician. As a result, he has a substantive understanding of the medical side of issues that many other lawyers are unable to obtain, no matter how long they have practiced and represented cases on medical injuries. This combination of both medical knowledge as well as legal training makes Mr. Semenea a unique advocate for clients who have suffered injury that could have been avoided but occurred due to negligence or lack of duty.

Mr. Semenea has a knack for seeing the ethical representation needed in case, even when it may not seem like a “good” win from a legal business perspective. Cases that generalist attorneys may turn away from Mr Semenea has taken on and ensured recovery for his clients regardless. Mr. Semenea and staff take on every case like it’s their first one, with full dedication and professionalism that every client deserves from the beginning.  His office also takes on clients who may not speak English. Mr. Semenea himself is able to converse and represent clients who speak Spanish or Romanian as well.

With over 1,600 cases represented in the last 11 years, Mr. Semenea brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to a client’s representation. There’s no reason to accept a generalist when it comes personal injury advocacy in the Bellevue, Washington area. Working with Leonard Semenea is a strong combination for a healthy case resolution, even when it may seem at first glance that a case has a uphill battle. Don’t go with first impressions. Call Mr. Semenea and set up a time for consultation. You may be surprised at what a potential case really has in terms of grounds for a recovery.