Wrongful Death

When it’s someone’s time to pass, we feel grief and pain from memories and love for the person, but it’s also part of life. Every generation has eventually experienced the loss of a loved one. However, when the passing of a person is not due to natural causes but instead due to someone’s negligence, mistake or intentional lack of care, there is no reason that a family and loved ones should suffer. This is where the law has provided a remedy for those who are hurting unnecessarily.

The concept of wrongful death comes into play where a person or an entity is responsible for the death of a person that should not have occurred under a reasonable person standard. It may very well be that there is not enough to charge someone with a crime, but the way the death occurred and why is still ethically wrong and could have been avoided with extra effort. As a result, civil law in every state allows people and families to still hold a party responsible civilly if a case can be proven that a higher level of responsibility wasn’t met.

Wrongful death can apply to a business or organization as well as it can apply to a person. So if it turns out that it was a company’s responsibility or lack of action that triggered a loved one’s death, the law provides a means by which a recovery can be pursued. This situations tend to happen with more frequency than cases involved the responsibility of just an individual. It’s been a well-known principle in psychology that when people are part of a group or organization, they seem to behave less responsible than if they were identified as individuals. And that anonymity within an organization can lead to problems which, unfortunately, can even get someone killed in an avoidable manner.

If you believe your loved one or someone whom you care for has lost someone under circumstances that were questionable or seem to involve issues that could have been avoided, then it’s worth the time to have a discussion and consultation with Leonard Semenea. His law office has handled multiple cases with a wrongful death component, but each one is a unique story that requires attentional, detail, and care. This is a critical service element, especially when the court process can seem extremely impersonal and insensitve. This is why Mr. Semenea handles each wrongful death case he takes on just like the first one, with a full amount of dedication and professionalism. Don’t let your loved one’s passing go without ensuring an avoidable mistake has been addressed. Have a consultation with Mr. Semenea’s Law Office if you have unanswered questions. He’s here to help when it’s needed the most.