Personal Injury

If you’ve been harmed psychologically or physically through the fault of another individual or entity, you may be entitled to damages if the cause of the injury is due to negligence or a low standard of care. The most common types of personal injury lawsuits include vehicular accidents, medical malpractice, products liability, bicycle accidents, dog bites and breach of contract. Although many of these types of personal injury cases are settled prior to going to court, some wind up in the courtroom. Whether in or out of the courtroom, the Semenea Law Firm is a strong legal negotiator and litigator on your behalf. Their goal is to attain the compensation that you deserve. Attorney Leonard Semenea is an experienced personal injury lawyer with many successes.

The Process: Attorney Leonard Semenea

Attorney Leonard Semenea takes the time to listen to your circumstances and does some initial investigation. If it is determined that your case has merit, he will file the initial court papers to commence a lawsuit. He will also ensure that all of the responsible defendants are named in the suit. The discovery phase if typically the longest in the legal process. During this time, depositions are taken, contracts are gathered and medical documents are attained. A full investigation is done in order to build a strong case. Keep in mind that during the discovery phase and pre-trial phase, negotiations may take place and an agreed settlement may be obtained. If one is not achieved, attorney Leonard Semenea is prepared to battle it out in the courtroom. Likely, the defendant’s attorney will try to poke holes in the case regarding negligence. Clients can feel confident that attorney Leonard Semenea has the courtroom skills to counteract.

Compensation for Personal Injury Cases

Plaintiffs are awarded compensation damages and sometimes punitive damages for their injury. Compensation damages include paid medical expenses, future medical expenses, loss of income, disability and pain and suffering. Punitive damages are intended to punish the responsible parties and are paid to the plaintiff. Let attorney Leonard Semenea maximize your compensation award. He’s thorough, experienced and gets results.

If you’ve been injured due to the fault of another individual or business, contact attorney Leonard Semenea for an honest evaluation of your case and strong legal representation.