Brain Injury

Purely accidental brain injury accidents are not common at all. There is often a lot of conversation around the issue that some activities have a higher risk of traumatic head injury and similar, such as motorcycle riding. However, when these cases are reviewed in detail, it’s often the case that the unanticipated accident was actually the result of a human error in judgment many times.

Take the issue of medical dosage. When it comes to controlled medicines a licensed doctor is needed to obtain a prescription. The doctor relies on his skill and training and knowledge of medicines to prescribe the right treatment for a patient. Then the patient takes that paperwork, if it doesn’t go through a nurse first by transcription, to a pharmacist or a pharmacist’s assistant who then work to fill the order. Finally, the patient is then expected to follow the instructions on the container and consume the dosage as instructed. This description alone involves three to four different parties expected to do the right thing to make sure the patient consumes the right dosage. It’s no surprise then that medical treatments can be a cause of brain injury among other problems.

Vehicle accidents and impact sports have also been an area with brain injury issues occurring more often than other activities. And while sports are often far more prone to involve situations where participants play at their own risk, vehicle accidents involve far more structured environments that require responsibilities for all the parties involved. That said, even sports can have accountability if the activities are being managed by organizations such as universities, professional organizations and schools. Where there is a duty in either situation for someone to have taken a greater level of care, and a brain injury occurs, there can be the basis for a recovery.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, and you want the circumstances examined from a legal professional perspective to make sure there was no negligence or lack of care involved, then you want to have a discussion with Leonard Semenea. His law offices specialize in brain injury cases among other types of personal injury, and the depth of Mr. Semenea’s work shows in the quality of his representation with such a medically technical area of law. Don’t settle for a general approach; these type of cases require a deeper level of advocacy to ensure the client realizes the best recovery possible.